Virginia's Judicial System

General District Court Civil Filing Fee Calculation

This is the civil filing fees calculation system for general district courts in Virginia.

IMPORTANT! Limited information about the calculation of fees for civil processes is located at "How to Calculate Civil Filing Fees for General District Courts." If you have specific questions about the calculations or if the case type is not listed, contact the civil division of your local general district court.

Note: This site is intended for general public use only. Commonwealth, Local, or Federal Agency filers should contact their local general district court to determine applicable filing fees for the specific agency. Virginia law provides that an indigent resident of the Commonwealth who is unable to pay filing fees or costs may be allowed to sue or defend a suit in court without payment of the required fees and costs. Please contact the court where you intend to file your suit to obtain information regarding the required proof of indigency needed.

Forms for General District Civil Case Filing Types
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What type of civil case do you want to file?
Note: Contact your local general district court for any filing fees associated with a civil process that is not listed above.
How many civil cases of the type selected above are you filing?
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What is the amount of your lawsuit?
  Total number of cases being filed for claims of $500.00 or less.
  Total number of cases being filed for claims of $500.01 to $25,000.00 (excluding claims for personal injury or wrongful death).
  Total number of personal injury or wrongful death cases being filed for claims of $500.00 to $50,000.
help   Step 4:
Do you want to have the Virginia sheriff or high constable serve (deliver) a copy of the civil case to the Defendant/Respondent at the address you provide?
  Yes     No (proceed to Step 6)
help   Step 5:
How many defendants/respondents are to be served by the Virginia sheriff or high constable?
Note: Click help for more information regarding Interrogatories and Garnishments before completing this step.
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Press the Calculate button to display the total filing fees required based on the information provided above.
Total Fees:



General District Civil Case Filing Types

Form Number Form Title
DC-446 Attachment Summons
DC-423 Distress Petition
DC-424 Distress Warrant
DC-414 (Instructions) Warrant In Detinue (Civil Claim For Specific Personal Property)
DC-415 Detinue Seizure Petition
DC-416 Detinue Seizure Order
  Motion for Judgment
DC-463 Summons - Lien of Mechanic for Repairs
DC-421 (Instructions) Summons for Unlawful Detainer (Civil Claim For Eviction)
DC-412 (Instructions) Warrant in Debt (Civil Claim for Money)
DC-404 (Instructions) Warrant in Detinue-Small Claims (Civil Claim For Specific Personal Property)
DC-402 (Instructions) Warrant in Debt-Small Claims
DC-429 Tenant's Assertion and Complaint Form
DC-431 Tenant's Petition for Relief from Unlawful Exclusion
DC-434 (Instructions) Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment
DC-440 (Instructions) Summons to Answer Interrogatories
DC-450 (Instructions) Suggestion for Summons in Garnishment
DC-459 (Instructions) Motion for Judgment to Be Marked Satisfied
DC-468 Writs of Possession and Fieri Facias in Detinue
DC-472 (Instructions) Petition for Reinstatement of Driving Privileges-Failure to Satisfy Judgment
DC-479 (Instructions) Petition and Order for Sale of Property
DC-485 (Instructions) Petition for Restoration of Driving Privilege-Habitual Offender
DC-495 (Instructions) Petition and Affidavit for Good Cause for Injunction of Mandamus-Freedom of Information Act
DC-326 (Instructions) Subpoena for Witness
DC-336 (Instructions) Subpoena Duces Tecum
  None of the above - contact the court for filing fees associated with a civil process not listed above.