Virginia's Judicial System

Circuit Court Mediator Eligibility List for Circuit 8

The following is a list of circuit court certified mediators eligible to accept cases referred by the circuit court to a dispute resolution orientation session. Each mediator has indicated a willingness to serve as a mediator in this circuit. From this list, you may click on a mediator's name or an organization's website to be linked to additional information that may assist you in your decision.

If the case is a family case, parties must choose a circuit court-family certified mediator. If the case is a civil (non-family) case, parties must choose a circuit court-civil certified mediator. (Parties should consider the mediators' mediation fees before selecting the mediator to conduct the free orientation session, as parties often choose to proceed to mediation with the same mediator.) Be sure to review the Circuit Court Mediation Program Procedures for important instructions.

Dr. Raymond E. Alie,
Raymond E. Alie, Ed.D.
Circuit Court-Civil certified
Address: 6160 South Mayfair Circle
Williamsburg, VA 23188
(757) 880-6397
Fax: (757) 220-4817

Ms. Amanda K. Burbage, ++
Circuit Court-Family certified
Portsmouth, VA
(757) 279-8768

Ms. Viola (Ann) K. Dooms,
AKD Services, Inc.
Circuit Court-Family certified
Address: P.O. Box 61631
Virginia Beach, VA 23466
(757) 343-9318
Fax: (757) 214-6959

Mr. Raymond E. Schmidt,
Circuit Court-Civil certified
Address: 17657 Marbury Street
Round Hill, VA 20141
(757) 897-0595

The McCammon Group
Circuit Court-Civil certified
Circuit Court-Family certified
Address: 6641 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230
Fax: 8043430923

Ms. Vickie R. Williams, ++
OPN-Door Communications
Circuit Court-Family certified
Address: P.O. Box 9505
Hampton, VA 23670
(757) 816-4478
Fax: (260) 818-4478

++ For cases involving only custody, visitation and/or support, Virginia Code §20-124.4 provides for mediation services free of charge to the parties. This mediator is willing to conduct such mediations and will receive Supreme Court payment of $100. (Parties can choose to pay for mediation instead of using the free service.)