Virginia's Judicial System

Ms. Susan L. Sisler

Sisler Counseling Services LLC
689 Price Gee Road
Meherrin, VA 23954
Office Phone:
(434) 390-2044
(434) 736-9400
Certification Information:
J&DR District Court Certification
Mentor Status:
Bachelor of Science
Master of Science
Other Court-Related Positions:
Dispute Resolution Training Hours Received:
Number of Mediations Conducted:
Number of Years of Experience in Dispute Resolution:
Types of Dispute Resolution Services Provided:
Hours Available:
Languages in Which Mediator is Proficient:
Types of Disputes in Which Mediator has Specialized Training & Experience:
Location for Mediator or Mediator Organization:
Circuit 10
Customary Hourly Fee:
Mediation Courses Certified to Teach:

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