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Circuit Court Civil Filing Fee Calculation

This is the civil filing fees calculation system for circuit courts in Virginia.

IMPORTANT! Limited information about the calculation of fees for civil processes is located at "How to Calculate Civil Filing Fees for Circuit Courts." If you have specific questions about the calculations or if the case type is not listed, contact the civil division of your local circuit court.

Note: This site is intended for general public use only. Commonwealth, Local, or Federal Agency filers should contact your local circuit court to determine applicable filing fees for your agency.

Forms for civil cases:
*Please note that most civil cases filed in the Circuit Court are commenced by a complaint or petition, not a standard form. However, there are some Circuit Court forms that may be utilized. For a list of Circuit Court forms, click here: Circuit Court Forms: Civil

The only District Court form that may be used in Circuit Court for civil cases is Form DC-472. If this form is needed, click here Form DC-472- Petition for Reinstatement of Driving Privileges -Failure to Satisfy Judgment

Call the circuit court to see if FORM CC-1416 Cover Sheet For Filing Civil Actions required. If so, click here FORM CC- 1416

If a form is not available for your filing type, you may need to seek the advice of an attorney.


Circuit Courts:
help   Step 1:
What type of civil case do you want to file?
Note: Contact your local circuit court for any filing fees associated with a civil process that is not listed above.
help   Step 2:
If you are filing a civil action for the award of monetary damages, enter the amount you are seeking to recover (i.e., lawsuit amount).
help   Step 3:
Do you want to have the Virginia sheriff or high constable serve (deliver) a copy of the civil case to the Defendant/Respondent at the address you provide?
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If Garnishment or Interrogatory, is a new levy of FiFa needed?
Yes     No
help   Step 4:
How many defendants/respondents are to be served by the Virginia sheriff or high constable?
In State
Note: Click help for more information regarding Interrogatories and Garnishments before completing this step.
help   Step 5:
Press the Calculate button to display the total filing fees required based on the information provided above.

Total Fees:


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